About Ellie (and Pappy)

"That’s Not Faberge” is an immersive, interactive, transmedia story based on HG Wells “The Crystal Egg," designed and produced by students of Full Sail University's Creative Writing for Entertainment BFA program.

Authorial Credit Page: 

Anthony T. : E-mail (Henry House, Ellie), Henry House site content, project manager
Kevin Timpson : Blog, Instagram support, Henry House Unlimited Site creation/support.
Cierra Timpson : Special thanks for portraying Ellie in visual and audio pieces of the project.
V. Cowart  : Blog, Site support (Blogger), E-mail (Ellie), Ellie “About” pages across platforms.  
Michael B.  : Instagram content

**Disclaimer: Reading further may contain spoilers**

This is a series of step “hints” that should point you in the right direction..

1.     Read, review, and enjoy blog/backstory.
2.     Email Ellie (email available on blog: e.eldrige88@gmail.com)
3.     Call Ellie (phone number available in the e-mail: 415.506.8923).
4.     Visit Ellie’s Instagram (www.instagram.com/ellieandpappy/)
5.     Decipher code (end up at Henhouse’s site: www.henhouseunlimited.wix.com/henhouse)
6.     Email henhouse (email available on their site: henhouseunlimited@gmail.com)
7.     C’est fin. Thanks for playing!


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