Sunday, June 26, 2016

It's an Egg-pocalypse!

Hey everyone (does anyone read this thing?!)

Another post about the egg that has taken over my life. If you’ve come here for Pappy pics, you’ll be disappointed, lol. This egg thing just woke me up at like 3 in the morning with it’s clicking and vibrating. I know this sounds weird, but guys? It sounded like it was an alarm. Once I picked it up it stopped, but then I could see the landscapes in the egg again.

It looked beautiful, the images in the egg I mean, but it was foreign. The trees had purple leaves for the most part, and some were blue. There wasn’t much in the way of grass, and some of the plants just felt sentient (in the same way you know that animals can talk in some movies). They looked like they were breathing! 

Yeah. Plants. Breathing. 

Worse, I felt like I was being watched from within the egg.

It just didn’t make any sense. I keep getting this feeling that this egg is window a into another world. A beautiful world, and the longer I stare into the egg the more I want to be there. It can’t just be tricks with technology, can it? It’s too old right?

Am I dreaming?

I’ve got to find out more about this egg. I’ll close for now, good night (or morning).

Egg you Later...Lol, jk! 

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